Mystical Hug at Yogafort 2017 in Boise, ID

What an honor it was to share Doom Metal Yoga with so many people at Yogafort 2017 in Boise, ID this weekend. It was my first time ever teaching at a festival and it was lovely to be part of such a friendly and open-minded community. For those of you who asked, you can check out the class playlist here. This playlist is a collaboration between Mystical Hug and Brion Rushton from Radio Boise. Brion was wonderful to work with - check out his show Strange Feeling here


Mystical Hug Included in Willamette Week's 29 Reasons to Love Portland!

It was such an honor to be included in Willamette Week's "2017 Reasons to Love Portland" issue, under reason #19, "Portland is metal AF". Even though I had to Google what AF stands for (it's "as fuck" just in case you're still working on your hipster cred., like me) it felt really good to know that even as this city grows and changes, it still embraces the weird and encourages us to experiment with what makes us happy. Check out the full article here