Private Group Lessons


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Private group lessons are great for friends looking for a healthy way to hang out and connect, wedding/bachelorette parties, retreats, teams, or anyone who wants to share in a private class with others. Small groups can come to my home in SE Portland, or for larger groups we can meet at your venue, Airbnb, vacation rental, or a park. I travel with mats and props, so we can create a yoga studio wherever is most inspiring to you!


Private Lessons

$60/hr private

Private lessons are a nice way to get started with yoga, or to learn how to create a routine that works well for your body and all of its nuances. Lessons can be set up weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or just as a single class. Whether you are looking for a rigorous workout, to be led through a relaxation series, or something in between, private lessons can take your practice to a deeper level. You can choose the music, the setting and the pace, or you can let yourself be surprised by something magical.

Office Yoga

$50/half hr


Office yoga is a great way to reduce stress in the workplace, increase focus and creativity, and to relieve pain associated with prolonged periods of sitting. It's also a great way to bring staff together for team-building. Office yoga can be done with participants either in comfortable clothes for a more active class, or in work clothes for a more relaxed style that doesn't leave anyone sweaty. Classes can work in nearly any space (including around a conference table) and don't require mats or any props to be successful.

Restorative Yoga and Reiki


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Restorative Yoga + Reiki is a full hour of relaxing asanas (yoga postures) with hands-on assists. The session is set up just like a Reiki session, so that there is an intention for healing. If you enjoy getting an adjustment at the end of class during savasana, then you’ll love this! Restorative Yoga + Reiki sessions include aromatherapy, hands-on touch, and a restorative yoga sequence designed to help you stretch gently and relax deeply.

Custom Yoga Tapes

$3/minute  of recording

Want to practice yoga on your own, but need a little guidance to make it happen? With a custom Yoga Tape, you choose everything you want in your yoga class: level of challenge, specific goals, how long the class will be, what time of day you want the class designed for, any everything else. I provide you with a streamable link and an MP3 download, so you can take your class with you wherever you go.