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 Image from the Hubble Space Telescope!

Image from the Hubble Space Telescope!

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Have you ever wondered if doom metal and yoga would make a magical combination? Well, wonder no more! Mystical Hug Doom Metal Yoga is a welcoming all-levels class where we'll have fun practicing some feel-good yoga moves to some very non-traditional yoga music. In this class, we'll pick a different album to explore in entirety each week, or move through a magical metal playlist. Think: Pallbearer, Dark Castle, OM, Sumac, Yob, SubRosa, or King Woman. This class is taught in a style that allows you to get deep into the music and your own body. Beginners are welcome and album requests are encouraged!  

Combining looping ambient guitar with psychedelic synths, earthy acoustic sounds, and everything in between, Ambient aLive is a music and yoga experience that allows you to go beyond the usual. All levels are welcome. 

Move to some space-themed jams, both live and recorded, and enjoy an extra-long space meditation at the end of class that will leave you remembering YOU are made of the same stuff as starts.

Dress in comfortable clothing and arrive a few minutes before class starts to get settled. One your first day, you'll need to fill out a quick waiver form. Mats are available for free. Drop ins are welcome. 

LOCATION: Flying Tortoise Academy
4400 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97213

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Click here for a sample playlist and for tips for do(om)ing this at home!

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New Doom Metal Yoga Series to Kick off 2019!

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Tuesday Nights
8pm - 9pm
January 8 - February 26

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Ambient aLive Live Music Class


Tuesday Night
March 5, 2019

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When we asked students what they liked about the class, here's what they said:

Doom Metal is amazingly powerful for yoga. It’s awesome.
— Patrick Miller
- Kali’s awesome, informative and relaxing teaching style.
- Small class size.
- Excellent doom metal music.

Kali is very observant, attentive, approachable and knowledgeable rolled into one amazing person. She really connects with everyone in the class and helps everyone get their best out of it.
— Anna Plotkin
Variety of flows, classes were versatile and different every time.
— Anu Korhonen
...the freedom to go along at whatever pace was comfortable for me as a first timer.

[Kali is...] very friendly and welcoming. Makes everyone feel comfortable and doesn’t make learning yoga feel intimidating.
— Jeff
I like that the doom metal yoga classes are available to people of all skill levels and the personal touch of having music/chanting/readings before the class and during savasana.
— Kathryn Jones